Saturday, 15 May 2010

I Discovered Something Beautiful

When you meet someone new, do you feel something like a connection between her? Whatever the physicality, still we can sense whether that person is good or not. As an expat here in ME, I always meet different types of people and every time I always depend on my feelings or so to say inner instinct or intuition. They say it’s better to trust one’s intuition than asking for an advice. Don’t you believe in that also? I will tell you one instance where my intuition is right. Here it goes. This regards my new housemate here. The first time I met her I was kind of hesitant. By her looks and actions, I’m not fully comfortable with her. However, as the time passes by, we talked and even chatted for long hours watching a movie or just listening to the music while cooking together. Then, I started to feel that this woman really has something in common with me. One night, as I was about to use the bathroom, I saw a novena booklet of the Mother of Perpetual Help on the rack by the pail. I just observed it until I thought nobody would get it as we had some visitors that night so it left me with the idea that it must have been left by one of them. I slept late that night and discovered that she hurriedly went to the bathroom and as I opened to check, she was smiling while holding that novena prayer booklet and put it into her breast pocket. I just smiled and said good night to her as she really looked so tired and sleepy. Now, I realized that as time passes by I began to become closer to her the fact that we have the same belief. I am also a pious believer of the Catholic faith and I dearly adore our Mother of Perpetual Help. Smiles.

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