Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Can't Help but Feel Sad

As an OFW here in the Middle East, I'm sad to hear every time I listen to BBC's news. I always hope every day is gonna be good for all the people in the Middle East so all of the foreigners and expats especially Filipinos working here would no longer have fearful nights and worried hearts to spend for as the days pass by. Listening to the news these days is my only chance to keep myself updated. I hope the revolutions around ME won't last for so long so to stop all these challenges and sufferings especially those young and babies. Deep sigh. :(

Friday, 18 February 2011

...and what does he care?! damn!

I just hate it when he'd pick on some points not knowing his own weaknesses and other damned businesses. I'm good and I don't pick on anybody's business and I mind my OWN! Sorry guys this blog seems to be for my rants here and there. It's just that I am even freer here than any other place. I just hate people who act like a perfect guy not knowing his own faults and mishaps in life. Why not look at himself at the mirror before saying anything right? Who disagrees? Urgh! Angry face.

Doesn't Know How to Eat Properly?

Do you like to hear someone eating like a pig? Well, as for me I hate the sound of it. Since I came here I never heard this guy eat silently. He always gulps each meal voraciously and he makes sounds like a pig eating its meal hungrily. I just hate the sound of it! I don't know when would I have the patience to hold myself. I wanna tell him that he should slow down and eat properly as what they brag they are rich in their own country! urgh! makes my skin curl. It so irritating to hear them repeat their achievements and so forth. I'm definitely not insecure nor jealous though and I know when to stop listening. Urgh! Anyway sixteen weeks and I'm off here in this land of...'I don't know.' Sighs! :(

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Just Happy

Tonight's chat with my bf was so memorably funny exchanging some weird thoughts on a Valentines Day memories way back when I was still home in Cebu. We were so preoccupied trying to catch every little thing memory in our mind that we sometimes forget the proper spelling of words. We only chat as if texting! Amazing that was but we really enjoyed our time together tonight on a Valentines Day online. Though it's only online that we see and talk with each other, somehow the emptiness is lessen and that love is always there binding us stronger all these years. I'm just happy! :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


As I was eavesdropping minutes ago, I was thinking aloud in my head and said, "What?!" I just cannot get the idea behind freaking over an 800 pesos worth of bill. As an OFW, working abroad is sometimes spending money like water or at worst the other side of this coin. The son of my colleague here is just one miser who doesn't like to shell out any penny he's got for he's into saving his money for his own future. As I can see it, he values money more even if there are more important and urgent matters at hand. Well, it depends on what and as to which. But as for tonight's discussion, I can see that he's a awakened miser again. I just couldn't get behind that! What?! Sighs. :(

Friday, 28 January 2011

A Very Uplifting Message from a DOS

After a very much rewarding day today, I've got a few breathers alone in my room. I took some meditations and contemplated anything about my  life here in the middle east recently. As the days are so fleeting these days, I can really feel the emptiness in me when I'll soon leave the place. I know I'd be missing them terribly especially my students. I need to go though for me to grow and explore more of the world. I learned that nothing is constant in this world and that I need to be strong even others see me weak and incapable. I know they'd miss me as well. I just guess though. :) After tonight's chat with my DOS at EF in China, I was so reassured that whatever happens, I still have a fallback and that there's this person who's willing to help me whatsoever will be my next decision if in case I'd go abroad again. Oh no! Not again? Why? :D

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wow what a Night!

Before I doze off tonight I'd just like to share my thoughts which makes my day so great! -- Never react on things if you haven't seen it on an aerial view! :) hahah, I just you guys...gotta doze off for now :) Speak soon, :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Get It On!!!

As the days are fleeting these days my excitement also heightens with the idea of coming back and work in Doha. There is nothing so comforting just thinking of staying with the people I consider as my second family in the Middle East. They are the same people who treat me like I am one of their family even if they don't know me so well for we only meet just a few months ago. I hope this second leg of my two-year-contract would be the greatest working experience abroad for me. All I can say is, 'Get it on!'. Smiles. Perhaphs, this awesome picture would give you a glimpse of how my place looks like there in ME. :) I took this picture when I was on the way to Aspire city with my second family before I came home for a short vacay in my precious hometown. 
our way to Aspire

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

So Great to See a Dear Friend after Six Years

I don't know how to express my joy of seeing one of my close friends back in university when I saw her in one of the big malls around town two days ago. I can see no changes in her except that she's got a one year old baby now for she already got married two years ago. We just enjoyed ourselves shopping and shop hopping for almost three hours of being together. Exchanging laughters and jokes reminiscing our uni days in USC main cracked me up while choosing some clothes at Celine's. I hope we can have another getaway before I go back in two weeks time in the dear land of camels. Grins. It just made me realize how time flies and how much I missed her. I hope to really find my niche here when I come back home next year. Promise, I won't go back there in ME and definitely this is my last year there. Sighs. 

Friday, 30 July 2010

What a Great Day! Wooohooo!

Fillers filler Fillers! :D This aint a filler to fill this month's posts but a declaration of how great is God for giving us here a very good day. Indeed, I wake up with a very nice sunshine. Smiles. I hope it would always be the same every day. There are so many things to do today but I'm dropping by here shortly to tell everyone how great my day is today. Wooohooo! More so, I cannot wait to see mylife this afternoon for our scheduled pilgrimage at the Birhen sa Regla in Opon. :)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Searching for a Cure

It's been days now with my colds; still, I'm not getting any better. Sighs. I've been doing some researches here on how to alleviate this malady since it's hindering me from my daily tasks. Anyway, I've found some cool and informative sites highly recommended by my friends. I visited them and I discovered that only a complete rest, relaxation, and drinking plenty of liquids can make me even feel better. Well, I didn't go out today as planned because my body is aching though my mind says that you'd be better hang out and go somewhere with friends to make the most out of my two-months-vacay. I hope I'd feel better tomorrow and hopefully meet my high school buddies to plan for our most-awaited reunion. I just hope...smiles.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Being Super Busy is Good!

Indeed being super busy is indeed very good for me. I have been used to being busy in my work schedule in Doha and now that I'm on my vacation here in my hometown, I'm so blessed to have tutorial sessions with a Korean friend. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting paid while having fun! whew! Smiles. As the good old saying goes, "Strive hard and strike while the iron is hot", which becomes my motto since high school. I've learned this from my dear student teacher in Dressmaking class when I was in third year high. Well, guys, gotta go for now as I've got to catch up the jeepney for my tutee's waiting downtown. Smiles. Speak soon. :)

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Finally Found a Place Called Second Home in ME

I just transferred to my new flat this afternoon and it was so great to really be with a complete family. Oh how I miss to be just feeling at home. This place is just another comfortable niche I’ve finally found here in Doha. Smiles. After all, I’m looking forward to travel back home again this time from the Middle East of the globe, grins. Well, traveling isn’t new to me and as I’m constantly being away from home, I can say that there no place like it. I hope my flight would be great and hassle free. I know I can’t bring a lot of stuffs unlike in China this time for I’ve got a lot more responsibilities lining up but what matters most is that I can have my break from the stresses I’ve been having here. A lot of my friends said that I’m far way better off in China. Incredibly I know it’s true but I’ve got my word on this and since I’ve started this, I’ve got to endure everything until the last day of my contract which is hopefully on June 2011. All hopes are what I’m holding on together with my loved ones’ prayers and my loving boyfriend’s faith in me. These make me even driven to achieve every goal and surpass each challenge that comes my way any time and everywhere. Smiles. After all, I’ve found my second family here in the ME when I’m gonna be back next school year so as far as I can see it’s gonna be another great and happy year for me hopefully almost like the one I had in China. Grins. Nostalgic face.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Gotta Doze off for Now

Urgh! I’ve just halfway finished my grade computation, sighs. Oh well, I’ve got to doze off for now since I’ve got to go to school early as much as I can for we have to finish our play decorations and we’ve got to do the dress rehearsal too for our invitations to be finalized. We are going to email it ASAP to the parents probably this Sunday. We're just holding on to our hopefully much awaited success of our play next week. Thanks Ms. S. for your undying support on me all through out most especially on this play production project. Grins. Good night y’all guys. Smiles.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Morning Fun with My Wacky Housemate

This morning I woke up a bit late as usual. As I opened my door I saw my housemate’s lovely face and she greeted me a sweet good morning. I smiled too and that somehow eased the tensions I’m feeling after a weird dream. I didn’t know that she’s abhors cockroaches when suddenly she jumped up and down and ran to her room immediately after seeing a tiny cockroach on the floor. I laughed out so loud I almost hurt ran out of breath. J Then she came inside my room and invited me for a coffee. While sipping the sweet aroma of my favorite morning drink, she had a great idea of cooking the veggies in the fridge for brunch. I volunteered to cook it for I felt like cooking and we listened to the great oldies which bring a lot more memories from the past. After cooking, we heated our rice and prepared for brunch. Meanwhile, I prepared my all time favorite cartoon – Family Guy. We watched it while having a sumptuous meal. Smiles. We chatted and had so much fun this morning, indeed.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Back Here for Good?

My hands are full and I cannot even grasp for even a thing at the moment. What does that mean? Could I be back here for good? or not? Well, I just hope so. Sometimes I don't know what I'm blabbering about like now. It's just that I remembered that I've been missing my favorite virtual haven. Smiles. I hope to update this more often. Hmmp! Here we go again. No promises but just doing it could prove that I really can do what I say, wouldn't it? I hope. Yes, I'm hopeful. I wish to be back here for good. Smiles and grins no more. :) For the record, I just love the new advancements Blogger has made and that I'm loving their enhancements. Surely, I'm back here for good. :)