Friday, 20 August 2010

Get It On!!!

As the days are fleeting these days my excitement also heightens with the idea of coming back and work in Doha. There is nothing so comforting just thinking of staying with the people I consider as my second family in the Middle East. They are the same people who treat me like I am one of their family even if they don't know me so well for we only meet just a few months ago. I hope this second leg of my two-year-contract would be the greatest working experience abroad for me. All I can say is, 'Get it on!'. Smiles. Perhaphs, this awesome picture would give you a glimpse of how my place looks like there in ME. :) I took this picture when I was on the way to Aspire city with my second family before I came home for a short vacay in my precious hometown. 
our way to Aspire

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