Friday, 16 July 2010

Searching for a Cure

It's been days now with my colds; still, I'm not getting any better. Sighs. I've been doing some researches here on how to alleviate this malady since it's hindering me from my daily tasks. Anyway, I've found some cool and informative sites highly recommended by my friends. I visited them and I discovered that only a complete rest, relaxation, and drinking plenty of liquids can make me even feel better. Well, I didn't go out today as planned because my body is aching though my mind says that you'd be better hang out and go somewhere with friends to make the most out of my two-months-vacay. I hope I'd feel better tomorrow and hopefully meet my high school buddies to plan for our most-awaited reunion. I just hope...smiles.

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tashabud said...

Hope you'll soon feel better to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Thanks for dropping me an EC.