Thursday, 31 January 2008


This morning class was quite fun with the kids. At first I was worried a bit because only one of them came early - Frank, the smartest kid in my class. Every time I have this kid in my class, everything would be just right and definitely exciting. Whew! He is just the right motivating factor to have in such a boring class. I am glad to have him in my class. This afternoon the monitor asked me of how he is behaving in my class as well as with my other kids. I told everything - perfomance in class, behavior, and some recommendations for the parents to do at home with their child. After a few minutes, the monitor came inside the office and told me the parents' feedbacks of their child. It was positive and I was happy to know that Frank is so eager to come to school. He even woke up early one Wednesday morning just to come to school early when in fact it was our day off here. Chuckles A pat on my shoulder indeed.

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