Friday, 1 February 2008

I Simply Don't Know Which Traditional Pinoy Games to Play

A few weeks more from now is our three-day activity fun and games with the newly enrolled kids in our school. Since it's almost Winter Term, we need to prepare the minds of the kids to really enjoy their vacation. I just hope everything's would be fine by then. I am pretty nervy by now for I know it's but another challenge for me to face. Even then, I am more hopeful that all my kids would just be good and well-behaved.

Well, what makes me feel this way is that before we start the term, we need to have a three-day fun and games with them. Guess what? It would be a whole day activity. Gosh indeed! I still have to research on my task then to play games with the theme of Pinoy games with a touch of olympics in it. How could I?

Can anyone suggest me six traditional Pinoy games to play with elementary and middle school students? I just need more ideas by now. :)

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