Sunday, 17 February 2008

I Am Learning

There are things that come to one's life which could definitely change the person neither for good nor bad. In my case, I met this person who is really unique, more unique than me indeed. I have leaned so many things from her and there is this one line that would always flash in my memory every time I think about her. That, I cannot please everybody that I come to brush elbows with in my journey to life.

Truly, she is right and I proved it in my experience here so far in school there are setbacks and challenges along my way. Complains are always present in every term but it doesn't knock me off because I simply cannot please everybody and there is always this personal chemistry factor which plays a great role in every relationship.

For me, I consider myself as a sponge willing to absorb not only the fortunes but as well as the mis's of it and turn it to goodness once again in every time it falls on me. I am learning for now and always will. In life, there is nothing constant but CHANGE. So EMBRACE it every time it comes to yours.

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