Monday, 25 February 2008


Whenever I come to school early in the morning usually on weekends when everybody is present I always subconsciously sing and hum some Christian songs. And yesterday when I did it again, Louise, my colleague said thanks out of the blue to me for she was able to relax while making her LPs for the day. I just hummed the song AMAZING GRACE while I was preparing flashcards for my 9:30 class while everybody was also managing their own busyness. In the morning, I had two classes with the toddlers and that was really fun-filled and challenging for me since the kids haven't spoken the language for almost a month since their long vacation. However, we managed to understand each other with the help of my TA [Apple for the first class and Alice for the second class] in playing some games to review and refresh their minds of the English language. In the afternoon, I had freakin, challenging, and terrific elementary and middle school kids for my last two classes. These made me terribly tired at the end of the day but I still managed to do the laundry before I slept last night. Actually, I really slept too late last night which also made me woke up so late this morning.

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