Monday, 18 February 2008

Just Happy to Know You Are There

There are times when I would complain and ask for more attention. There are times when I would think of the unthinkable situations. There are times when I would say I give up. But through all those times and specific moments there is a voice deep within me which says I am just happy to know you are always there for me to come home soon. And after hearing such a calming voice miles away, all those weird thoughts are all gone like bubbles. Every time I talk with you, I am thanking to advanced technology which makes our lives closer thus filling in the gaps of distance between us. I know after all these time, you are also feeling the same way that I do now, trying to relive all the moments we had shared when we were still together in that same place. After all these time, I am happy to experience these things for I know this would do good for us both. We would be more strong when times would get tougher on us and we would endure more like what we are now.

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