Sunday, 17 February 2008

Trust Me

Today is cold and rainy here so I decided not to wake up early though my cellphone alarmed at half past six this morning. I just curled on my bed with my eyes half opened and then I started to daydream just to let the time pass by. I didn't eat my breakfast not until I heared Anelie my housemate opened the doors to hang some clothes outside. Gosh then and there I realized it's Monday and I need to do my laundry! I hurriedly got up and then fixed my bed and started to do my chores. Cheeeesssseeee,,, :D After I have finished all the chores I felt hunger pangs and so I heated my food and started nibbling it while of a sudden the phone was ringing. To my surprise and then I came to realize that my Tatay will call me today! Not minding the food on the coffee table, I ran towards the phone and picked it up and said Tatay??? and he said it's me Nai,,,so are you okay now? I said yes and so the talk went on for five more minutes. His last words were "Trust Me Nai and I won't go anywhere" before the phone went blank. These words indeed, are self-assuring for me since we are far from each other now. Well, for me trust between each other is the most important thing to have in a long-distance relationship like mine.

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