Sunday, 3 February 2008

New Year's Gift

This morning's Grade 2 class was so remarkable. Frank gave me a pack of orange juice and that little sweet act almost pinches my heart. We really had fun with their parents watching as today is their last day of class here. Tomorrow is the start of our long vacation here for the Chinese New Year is fast approaching. I am happy with it and sad a bit. Happy to know that I can finally rest my body after such a long week with only a day off. All the pains and the feeling of my tired body from work were gone after I heard the sweetest word "Thank you very much" from my kids. It was so sweetly said and their parents came to me smiling and saying their words of thanks and "dzai jien" meaning see you soon. Indeed it's more than a compliment than mere words of thankfulness. It's simply a fulfillment and a pat on my shoulders.
After all of us had finished our morning classes, our DOS gathered us in the office and then he said thanks for all our hard work. Then, he gave each one of us a Parker Pen - I got a white one. The only white pen I have. I will surely treasure this gift and I won't dare lose it. Now, it has a sentimental value to me - my dream pen.

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