Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Are You Ready to Fly?

Showing you the beauty of Mactan International Airport.
Can You figure out my wing? I mean, the wing of the plane?
Ready and packed for my travel alone. I left my heart in Cebu.
Leaving and parting time is not that easy as it is as to chew a gum. The pain lingers more and it depends on how you deal with it after you parted ways.
What I did at the airport was never turn back once I said my goodbyes with them in the departure.
I hurriedly went in and read something.
I just don't want to really focus on missing them at that moment.
However, when I was on board and the plane took off, I saw the place where I used to stay for almost 25 years.
I just couldn't help but shed some tears down my cheeks not minding the couple beside me.
I didn't care if others saw me cry.
Crying is a therapy and strength, isn't it?

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