Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I Can Sense a Tough Day Coming

From this day onwards, I can sense a tough day coming and I hope it's gonna be fine for all of us. There has been a lot of changes at school so far and I think I am greatly affected with my early learner classes. I know I have to brace myself on this for I have decided to stay a bit longer than I expected. The most beautiful thing that has happened to me here is that I've learned many things about teaching and not only teaching but 'effective teaching'. That is worth noting so far coz I have been having co-teaching a class these past few months and I have been learning so much from our Superior DOS. He is such a wonderful teacher who knows his craft so well. Now, I have been applying his teaching strategies in my classes and I am so grateful to him. We are getting close buddies coz aside from co-teaching a class, we have the same birthday! Whew! What a coincidence? Smiles. Now, I've found a male teacher buddy! Happy.

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