Monday, 17 March 2008

Just So You'd Know

There is nothing special today as I was off to the netcafe since I haven't bought my own laptop. I am planning to get one next month maybe. This morning, I watched 'A Bug's Life' a movie by Pixar. I get so strucked by Flik when he said to Dot after he picked a stone, "Okay, just imagine yourself to be this as a seed,,,and while looking up to that tree, soon you will be like that. All the trees come from this small seed." Indeed, by his simple deeds and simple plans with his new found friends' help, they were all freed from the heartless grasshoppers. Most of all the film's soundtrack hit me most,,,"so live it well" as it goes. We live this life once so live it well. Haven't you pondered on how you live your life lately? :)

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