Monday, 31 March 2008

ReAlLy HaPpY tO LeT mY HeArT oUt

This morning, I woke up a bit late than usual and I decided to do my laundry first before anything else. I am happy and a bit sad today. Happy because I can spend more time with myself and enjoy my additional holiday this Wednesday. Tomorrow I am going to meet my newly-found friend in Wenzhou. We agreed to go to her university - Wenzhou University in the afternoon. I am pretty excited about it.
Surely, I will bring my digicam with me and take plenty of pictures in there with her and her circle of friends. On the other side of the coin, I am sad because my friend and housemate is going home for her 10-day vacation in the Philippines. I send her downstairs this afternoon and finally bid goodbyes to each other. She will be back here next week.
Tonight would be the first night that I am alone here in my place. I know it's gonna be different but I am going to try and prove to myself that I can live alone and become more independent so to say. She said to me in her text this afternoon before she finally went aboard the plane, "You CAN do it!" :)

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Catherine said...

You take me back to the day when I had to leave my home and moved to my hubby's place after married. I am leaving my housemate alone since then and until now! Sometimes I do worry about her when she is staying alone. I always tell her call me if you need anything, especially if you are not feeling well... But so far so good. Am sure you can do it!

Thanks for your lovely message to my Newife Blog's CBox.