Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sick and Clogged

Today I am N-O-T really feeling very well physically for I got colds recently. Due to sudden changes of weather, I beleive I got this and that last week's abrupt schedule change took part of this malady. Sad face. Oh well, this has been my life here at work most especially during the winter season. I am so grateful even to my ever sensitive colleague and class monitors who offered some help, advice, and they even bought some medicines for me. I have a quite relaxed schedule this week and I am truly happy for it at least I can take a break this week. Tomorrow is Thursday and even then I am so excited for Saturdays because that's the last day of work at school though we are only entitled for a day off. Grins. Even then, I am still happy though sick and clogged [noseeee,,,heheh]. Smiles. Good day everyone!

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