Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Best Health Insurance Plan for You and Your Family

As promised, here I am again with my updates. Well, for the first time in my life away from home, I realized the importance of having the right medical benefits as a working professional abroad. It is much more difficult to be sick away from one’s family and comfort zones I can say since I had had chicken pox three weeks ago and man it was like more than a corporal punishment on me. I had such a hard time with all the boils growing on my body for almost two weeks before it went away. Luckily I have my friend who has many contacts at the nearby hospital here. She brought me to the nearest women’s hospital where her friends are working. One is a nurse at the hospital’s pharmacy and the other one is a resident doctor.

Indeed when we got there, we didn’t go through all the hassles of admission. We just directly went through her friend and he processed everything for us. It just then occurred to me that as a foreign worker, I must have registered myself beforehand at the nearest hospital through my employer where I can get the most affordable health insurance for me to avail all the basic medical benefits whenever I get sick.

Right now, I’m very well and I’m back to work since last week. Truly, being aware of the basic medical health insurance highly pays off for a foreign worker like me. As I got myself busy on those weeks I didn’t go to work, I surfed the Internet about chicken pox and it’s where I got well-informed. Also, I found some helpful websites about finding the best health insurance benefits and plans like the There, you’ll find more important information about getting the best insurance plans for you and your family.

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