Monday, 1 September 2008

I'll Miss You

I have been with many people and they help me carve myself into what I am now. One of the most remarkable person in my life is Louise. Though she never considered me special but she is to me the most wonderful foreign friend I have. Eventhough I only had a few months with her but she was just so influential most especially when she talked about life and living. There are so many things we commonly shared and now it's time for me to say good byes to her since she also need to follow her heart and dreams in life. I know the following days without her must be tough but I am getting ready to face it. Huh! This is the downside of it. Sad. However, as the song goes from Garry V's, 'Letting go is not just so hard to do.' Moreover, 'Letting go makes you understand.' Smiles.

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