Sunday, 15 June 2008

So Fulfilling Afternoon

As the spring term ends, I feel a sweet tinge in my being that says 'Happy Weekends!!!'. Indeed, I am truly happy and fulfilled today because I have had a great class and I bonded with my students for the last time in our class this term. I would surely miss them. Now, that I have had with them for like two terms already I want to have them given to another teacher this summer and not to me. I want to have another set of students so it would be beneficial for me and my students. Sometimes, I don't like to see them for I found their faces too usual and boring! Hahah! Oh well, those were the times for today has come to a close for us to move on and learn more. Smiles. I want to write more but this picture could tell you more. Smiles. Good night to me and good night to all...I got to hit the bed now,,,smiles.

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