Saturday, 5 April 2008

Amazingly Great!

For the past two days not to mention last week's free sessions with my student Karen, I had her and her mom in the school to coach her for the English speech contest this morning here in Rui An. I am so happy to know that she passed the elimination round and now she's into the next step of her goal. As her coach and teacher, I am giving all my best and patience for her to succeed in her dreams. She is so inspired to become an English teacher and like me to teach kids like her in the near future.

The funny thing that happened last Thursday was after her session with me her mom asked me what do I like to drink. I replied that an orange juice would be good. Indeed, I got a bottle of orange juice with two big cartoons of coconut palm juice in cans. I was just caught in awe upon seeing the man carrying the two cartoons inside the teacher's room that day. I really thanked her mom in her own tongue and she was really happy to hear I can speak some Chinese.

Definitely there would be more sessions with Karen but I don't mind it because it has been my pleasure to share my knowledge to everybody since day one.

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GMnL&TLC'sHaven said...

oi nag xiexie d i ka.hehehehe!