Sunday, 20 April 2008

Quite Funny

This morning I had two classes with toddlers. I was so amazed with my little kids coz they really memorized the lines in the action story about winter that we studied last week. It's really amazing how kids are apt to memorize things easily. The most remarkable thing that happened was this little girl named Venus. She is just so lovely when she starts to speak with her hardly made pronunciation especially when the words got homophone. We would just laugh at her in the end when she would end up mumbling words to me when we play ball games in class. They just love ball games apart from the undying jumping fcs and Kill the Teacher. Though things are tough with them at times but on the most part they are so challenging to deal with and the most fulfilling part of my teaching experience here. They all start with zero vocabulary and now they can go and speak something about basic and simple things around them. They are my sweet accomplishment here. Proud to say that :)

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