Sunday, 6 April 2008

A Little Breather

Here I am right now taking a little breather in my usual spot in the netshop near my place. I haven't gone home yet coz I am spending time with myself here updating my online accounts. Today has been well with my parents' observations and classes especially with my rowdiest students. I could never ever dare to forget the name of the naughtiest boy in my afternoon class - Ian. He almost waned my patience this afternoon but gladly I was able to control myself. I just called my monitor and she scolded them for a few minutes. Dah mirisi jud lagi! heheh, I said to myself. Well, there are challenges along the way in whatever situation you are in your life right now, I could say and always remind myself every time I wake up in the morning.

As there are trials and tests, there are also great things that happen along the way which could boost my confidence. Not to mention the students who liked me as I am in and out of the classroom, the parents who are never tired to give thanks every after observation even they have a hard time saying thank you in English, and most of all the colleagues and my superior who always believes in me and my capabilities.

These are just but few of the honey I tasted here and still I am looking for more while working hard to achieve all my goals for this year and in the long-term. Sooner or later in my life, I could gladly share my experiences to the next generation what I have gone through and how I got through with all these things with full enthusiasm and courage. Grins.

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