Thursday, 29 May 2008

As the Summer Term Comes

As the summer term is fast approaching, I am dreading of a much more busy schedule and truly hectic days of work. Though it has its advantages so to say there are much more disadvantages rather than the good. First, there is not enough time to really plan and polish one's lessons which I could say that is not really good for in order to have a really great class to run the foundation of the plan must be very good. Second, there isn't enough break time in between classes which only means that for those who are fully-loaded it would be like hell everyday. Sad. Third, everybody is very busy on their own business and there isn't enough time to brainstorm for ideas, activities, and games for the class. Here, we do have a regular meeting every Fridays in the afternoon. However this should stop for the summer term instead would be just consultation type one-on-one discussion with anybody who is free. There are so many downsides of summer but I should stop looking at it for it would only worsen the idea of fun and enjoyment. There is nothing to do but just get it on and I'd try my very best to have fun and enjoy while the weather is hot and thus a perfect time to cool off in the swimming pool nearby. Smiles.

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