Sunday, 11 May 2008

Had Pushed Almost to My Limits

This afternoon's class was really terrible with me since I've got the naughtiest stude in the school named Ian. A little boy who doesn't know much about English not even the correct spelling of his name. Gosh! What a pain in the ass. However, still, I try my very best to remain calm and patient with him. This afternoon was anothe incident wherein I was almost pushed to my ultimate limits of my patience with him. Finally, I went silent for almost five minutes and such a time they knew I wasn't kidding anymore. They kept quiet as well and saw me in my worst angry facial expression. I asked them do you want me to be angry or happy? And they said, happy. Then one student who is one of the brainy ones in class said to me sorry for the whole class. It was so sweetly said and heartfelt so I kept my temper down and said nothing then we continued with our activities. That was it. Grins.

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