Tuesday, 27 May 2008

MP4 or Shuffle? or Both?

Well, right now I am a bit shaky on my decision to buy an MP4 or an IPOD Shuffle. I am just tempted most especially at times when I got to travel and I have nothing to do with boringness inside the sleeper bus like when I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou several weeks ago. More so, when I go to school alone and I need to listen to some cool and relaxing music I don't have any player with me. I know this is not really a necessity but a luxury to my life here. Well, at times I just like to pamper myself too much. Would I or wouldn't I buy one? Mayn't or might? I guess I just need more days to really discern on this matter. Check my priorities first? That's the first thing to do for now. What do you think?

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