Thursday, 22 May 2008

So Fulfilling with Pink in My Class Tonight

I have this amazing and wonderful early learner student in my EL3B class. She came in late for my EL3A class before almost half of the term. And now she is doing more than excellent as I can say. She is really brilliant and has a very witty tongue. She can pronounce the words better than me! Smiles.

Tonight is a night to remember for me since she is just doing great and she motivates others to speak louder. I love her very much. Actually I was the one who gave her the name – Pink. Why? Simply because it is the color of her dress when she came first in one of my Small Stars Fun before she joined our school and since then, she didn’t like to change her name. Whew! It only shows she loves it. Smiles. Indeed, I could say I am proud of her and in behalf of her parents’ support and love of English she is able to the best as she can be. Go Pink! Keep it up always! Smiles.

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