Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Place Your Bets Best?

Today is quite different for me. I only have one class actually not really a class but an adult fun activity. We played a game of placing one's bets. After teaching them the basic words they were ready to play a game in which they need money to place their bets if the words [on a worksheet] I dictated to them sounds the same [homophone], spelt the same, and meant the same. They’ve got to make each bet higher than any other to win this betting game. We had lots of fun for in reality they just love money per se. In fact, we ended the fun game activity late as expected not until the monitor knocked the door and informed us that the time is over for us and we needed to go home. Well, I really enjoyed this night with them and I just hope I’d get the same people on my upcoming activity next week. There were so much fun and I am glad everybody spoke in English which is my main aim – speak in English as much as you can. Smiles.

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