Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Windows of One's Soul

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. I concurr to this fact that really the eyes can tell what the person really means what he thiks and feels. Yes, we can verbally say what we want but deep inside we couldn't hide what we truly feel and they eyes could tell. If you are really observant to a person when she talks then you could see through her eyes when she is really telling you the right thing or not. Though science and technology are doing their good job through innovating different types of tests to know if a person is really telling the truth or not. In other cases like in our daily lives, we use just our intuition or as what other say our instinct. Yes and even others are much gifted in this area or they are just so sensitive and open. For an instance, between lover's talk or even best friend's telling each other's secrets. Sometimes we just rely completely on this side irregardless of the other facts to consider which I think is not justifiable. Well, whatever may it be it really depends on how a person reacts and how she sees things in her own perspective. Smiles.

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